The Little Blue Pill: What You Should Know

Viagra. We all know what it is. It’s a bit of blue pill used to treat male erectile dysfunction. However, I still find that women and men are still confused about this “magic pill.”

Why Do People Use Viagra?

Typically, Viagra is generally used to treat erectile dysfunction. ED is a well-known and common condition that affects around 50% of men aged 40-70 years old.

So, why do they need to take it? Well, erectile dysfunction occurs when not enough blood flows to the penis. This prevents an erection and, therefore, hinders sexual activity. If this is happening to your man, don’t worry! This is an issue that affects millions of men across the world.

Sildenafil, or as we all mostly know it, Viagra, relaxes a man’s muscles and increases blood flow to particular body areas. This helps him keep an erection when he is sexually stimulated.

Who Uses Viagra?

It’s not just for the older gentlemen! You would be surprised by how many younger men are now on Viagra. Younger guys are now taking it either for treatment, for fun, or allowing them to engage in sexual activity after having a few drinks. A recent survey said that one in five men aged 18-30 years old admitted taking Viagra. And guess what? They often don’t tell their partner!

How Long Does It Take to Kick In?

Research has shown that Viagra tends to start working after 30 minutes. However, to ensure optimum results, users are encouraged to take the pill an hour before sexual activity. Typically, the drug works better on an empty stomach, so if your guy has eaten a big meal, the drug might take longer to take effect.

Does It Actually Work?

We can’t really say. Each case is different. Viagra may not be right for every man. However, on the whole, the drug offers a strong success rate. According to studies, two out of three men who experienced erectile problems reported that taking a PDE-5 inhibitor like Viagra did indeed improve their erection and sexual intercourse.

What About Side Effects?

Just like anything else, all good things come with a catch. It’s no surprise that Viagra does have some side effects. The most common are headaches, abnormal vision, muscle pain, nausea, dizziness, stomach upsets, and flushing. Then you have the less likely side effects: but sudden vision loss, sudden hearing loss, and priapism – and the one that we hear all the time on the commercials – an erection that won’t go away, lasting for hours which unless treated immediately, can cause permanent damage to the penis.

We can’t say whether or not Viagra is a good option for your partner. Judging by the number of prescriptions rising by more than a quarter in the past year, we believe that it’s capable of an awful lot.

Like any drug prescription, please consult with a physician first and let them advise.