Are you remembering to squeeze and lift daily? All you need is 15 minutes a day.

The Art of Arousal

The arousal itself becomes your guide: you simply go where it takes you.

Awaken Your Arousal

Every woman, regardless of age, can learn and awaken her erotic potential through guided discovery of her anatomy. Art of arousal is ending the taboo against female sexuality in our society. It’s a portal to pleasure, it’s a gateway to yourself.

The Art of Arousal Course

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The Art of Arousal Course

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This course is priceless knowledge. It's the sexual education that we unfortunately didn't receive in school. It's a 15 video course that will help women awaken their sensitivity, understand their bodies, and enhance their intimate health.

What's Inside?

Priceless knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Self Discovery

You'll learn about your female anatomy from OBGYN, Dr. Lana Selitsky. You'll touch and say hello to your intimate parts, establishing a mind and body connection.

Video Guidance

Train along with Nadiya and students. There's no nudity however you can get a sense of the exercises and movements by watching.


Access to the Art of arousal Instagram page to ask questions and connect with other women on their arousal journey.

Lifetime Access

You also have ongoing access so you can return to the course. Revisit to refresh knowledge, check the technique, or ask questions.

How It Works

You’ll have access to the course content within our learning platform. It’s self-paced. So train anytime. You’ll need decent access to internet in order to view classes.

This is For Women Who Want

Wanting to reclaim your sexuality and sensuality to feel happier, healthier, sexier, and confident.

Yearning to revive or heighten your libido. It's your life and you deserve to enjoy the pleasurable sensations your body and others can bring you.

Losing sensitivity and want to awaken these undeveloped nerve endings to enhance your intimate health.

Seeking a guided and non-invasive way to learn about your intimate muscles, how they function, and how to voluntarily control them.

Eager to experience pleasure in new ways, fulfill your sexual needs, and discover the different orgasms your body can have.

Olga, age 31
"A month after my painful break up with my loved one, I found the magical IMBuilding program. It helped me heal my heart and soul, and feel sexual and confident again. But the greatest gift was the endless pleasure of having sex and multiple orgasms that I had never experienced before discovering Feminine Revival. Thank you Nadiya!"
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