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Who is this program for?

The goal of our program is to help women at all stages of their life. 

We help young women develop self-confidence, awaken their sensitivity, decrease period pain and get to know their bodies better. 

We help pre-natal and postpartum women improve their pelvic floor conditions. Because strong (not tense) pelvic floor muscles help to facilitate childbirth and speed up postpartum recovery. 

We help women in their pre and postmenopausal period rejuvenate vaginal tissue, which benefits their general physical condition. 

Every woman of any age will take something valuable from our program and improve their general well-being.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy follows a similar format to standard talk therapy, involving individuals or couples engaging in sessions with a sexologist to seek guidance and support regarding matters related to sexuality or sexual well-being.

What is Intimate Fitness?

Intimate Fitness instructors study vaginal canal muscles, learning how they can be trained, built, and voluntarily controlled all the way to the cervix. That’s part of the reason why our device and specific exercises can help prevent gynecological problems (such as Pelvic Floor Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence, Hysterectomy, Menstrual Disorders, among many others), while simultaneously enhancing women’s sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, there are countless women around the world doing Kegel exercises without medical-grade devices or simply incorrectly, or with a vibrator or toy labeled as a “Kegel Trainer.” These women yield no results with these devices. With our course, you can avoid being one of them: you’ll receive training and guidance from a certified professional.

You’ll learn how to do the exercises correctly, with beneficial effects and no further harm. And you’ll come away with such a rich and deep understanding of your own most intimate muscles.

I am satisfied in my intimate life so why should I pay for the course?

There is always room to discover new senses in your body and soul. With age our bodies are constantly changing and this affects our hormone levels which can lower our libido, sex drive, and sensitivity.

You will learn how your body responses to different touches, how and where you like to be pleased. The course will open the door to more sensual and intense pleasure and show you how your body is capable of giving you more joy than thought it could.

Will the course help upgrade my intimate life with my partner?

Yes, of course. You will discover yourself, and it will help you start a more sincere conversation with your partner. You will be able to guide your partner on the way to your ultimate pleasure. It will also bring new ideas and experiments to your intimate life. 

Most of the women who have taken our courses have told us that, from the very first lessons, they started noticing the difference in their relationships — and that difference extended far beyond the bedroom. A closer intimate connection freshens up the entire life.

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