• What benefits do you get with this course?

    • Increased sexual desire

    • Strengthen and tone Pelvic Floor Muscles

    • Enhanced lubrication and arousal during sex

    • Boost your libido and sexual response

    • Elevated vaginal control for improved sensitivity and intensified pleasure

    • Learn skills that bring greater pleasure and satisfaction to you & your partner

  • • Reverse vaginal dryness

    • Helps with painful or prolonged menstrual cycle

    • Prepare for non-traumatic vaginal birth

    • Speed up postpartum recovery

    • Post-menopausal rejuvenation of vaginal tissue

    • Strengthen pelvic organ prolapses

    • Dramatically improve incontinence

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  • Since 2017, Nadiya Williams, Intimate Fitness Instructor and founder of Feminine Revival, has offered The Art of Arousal as an in-person course, and it’s been recognized as one of New York City’s top sex education initiatives. Now, it’s available in an online version for all women anywhere. Based on more than 250 unique practices developed and tested by Nadiya, the course has revolutionized femininity and sexuality for more than two thousand women. The 11 videos that comprise the course were created specifically to deliver knowledge about femininity, pleasure, and the peculiar properties of the female body.

  • Every woman who is ready to discover true self, nourish the connection between her body and her mind, and awaken her libido can benefit from the advice, methods, and techniques taught in the course. This is the mindful way to femininity without pitfalls. Get the knowledge no one ever shared with you before to allow your sensuality, sexuality, and self-acceptance to bloom.

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  • What’s included with this course and how much does it cost?

  • • Access to 11 videos

    • 2 guided meditations

    • Supplemental PDF Downloads

    • Nadiya’s Favorite Spotify Playlists

    • Nadiya’s Lubricant & Device Recommendations

    • Weekly Q&A + Private Group Coaching with Nadiya

    • Bonus: 1 One-on-One Coaching Session with Nadiya

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Course Modules

Class 1: Anatomy with an OBGYN

Dr. Lana Selitsky talks about the female anatomy and how the pelvic floor muscles work — and don’t work. You’ll also learn about the layers of the pelvic floor muscles and their importance to your intimate wellness.

Class 2: Magic Flower

Your pelvic floor is like a magic flower. Make it open and bloom with this instructional video about how the pelvic floor works, with a focus on your intimate pelvic muscles and how to feel them through breathing exercises.

Class 3: Intimate Massage

Intimate massage is a great technique for awakening dormant and underdeveloped nerve endings in your genitals. The massage stimulates your intimate anatomy, teaching you how to better connect with it for more vital pleasure and awakening sensitivity for easier arousal.

Class 4: Self-Exam

You’ll learn to touch yourself, and you’ll have a better understanding of how you work on the inside, especially when you use your intimate muscles to connect your body and mind. This is an invaluable technique that you may not have attempted before!

Class 5: How to use the device

You can train with a variety of interesting devices on the market; all you have to do is select one that works best for you. We’ll show you some of our favorite devices for intimate fitness in this video.

Class 6: Engaging pelvic floor Muscles

This session reviews ways to voluntarily control your pelvic floor muscles. The set of exercises taught here will train you to properly lift, squeeze, and breathe.

Class 7: Voluntary control over pelvic floor muscles

In this session, you’ll continue to engage and manage your intimate muscles while completing a series of motions and poses that will support your efforts. You’ll also learn how to manage your pelvic floor muscles voluntarily.

Class 8: The role of abs Abs and Glutes

This session will teach you how to use your abdominal muscles (lower abdominals and glutes) to engage your intimate muscles for improved control and strength of your pelvic floor.

Class 9: Your muscles during sex

This session continues the strength training of your intimate muscles, along with the help of your abdominal muscles, and shows you how to use your new muscle control during sexual intercourse.

Class 10: Practice makes perfect

You should now be able to regulate your pelvic floor voluntarily, either with or without the abdominal muscles. This session includes a variety of exercises that you can use to perfect your techniques.

Class 11: Pleasure exercise for one or two

You’ve mastered your intimate muscles by this point! This video will show you a larger selection of pleasure exercises that you can do with or without a partner.

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