Are you remembering to squeeze and lift daily? All you need is 15 minutes a day.
Nadiya Williams, founder of feminine revival

Every Woman Has Her Own Story

My name is Nadiya Williams, and I am the founder of Feminine Revival, a place for women's rediscovery of the sensual self. Feminine Revival didn’t just appear, it was the revival of my femininity… a reawakening of sexual energy that I’d lost a long time ago. It was my holistic approach to heal my body and my soul.  

My journey began when I left Ukraine – very young – for Paris where I was a fashion model for 20 years. In 2009, I moved again, this time to New York City. Life seemed perfect…

Then… breast cancer. It changed my life. After treatment, I became cancer free, but the cancer treatment had side effects, which the world could not see: self-doubt, lack of feminine self-confidence, loss of interest in sex. My femininity seemed to be slipping away. I needed a way to believe in myself again, to reawaken my sensuality, to recover the many pleasures of being a women.

My search led me back overseas, where I discovered a program called Intimate Fitness. Intimate Fitness is not just a technique for training a woman’s most intimate muscles, but her whole body. It’s an entirely new way of looking at yourself to improve your health and the quality of intimate relationships.

With daily practice, my body began to respond to Intimate Fitness in a surprisingly short time. My desire awoke: for sensuality, for sex, for love.

This was truly a life changing experience for me and I soon realized I wanted to share this with other women. I dedicated myself to learning more about Intimate Fitness and how it’s used to address and improve so many different challenges faced by women of all ages. I became a certified instructor and made it my goal is to help women the same way I helped myself. I want to share this amazing knowledge with all women, and tell them that our pelvic floor is not just a part of our body. It’s the source of a woman's power!

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