How It Works
How To Use The Pelvic Device
The pelvic device is simply a tool to intensify your training and measure your progress. Without the training, the device is useless. That’s why it’s included in our Intimate Fitness program at no additional charge. It comes with a personal training program we draw up for you based on your needs and goals and the state of your muscles.
Your Personal Intravaginal Device
The device is made of medical-grade material (hypoallergenic latex). It is not a toy of any kind — there’s no vibrating, no batteries: just pure resistance for muscle development.
Insert Using Your Favorite Lube
Using a little lubricant, the device is inserted into the vagina and then inflated with the detachable air pump to adjust the size and provide internal resistance for your muscles to work against.
Squeeze and Lift Your Muscles
This will help you feel the contraction of each individual muscle and help strengthen your entire pelvic floor.
  • The Device

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