Yoni Massage
What benefits do you get with this course?
  • You will learn how your body responses to different touches, how and where you like to be pleased.
  • The course will open the door to more sensual and intense pleasure.
  • You will gain feminine confidence and break through your inner blocks.
  • You will awaken your libido.
  • Secrets to achieving a female orgasm are at your disposal.
  • Your partner will be impressed with your skills.
  • The best way to have a better relationship is here.
  • For most women, good sex is achieved when all parts of the self act in harmony: the mind, the body, the breath, and the emotions. It may be surprising to learn that often, the part of themselves that women understand the least is their body. We aren’t taught to explore and really understand our intimate parts.

    Our Yoni Massage course fills in the missing knowledge. It teaches you how to discover — and how to touch — all elements of your intimate parts: how to massage your clitoris, vulva, and vagina.

    Self-touch is key to developing self-understanding and self-confidence. It’s a beautiful technique that helps you awaken your sensitivity and find your hidden powers. In this course, you will come to feel the inner surface of your vagina and to know your own sensations; you will learn your own landscape and the pleasant sensations it can bring you — all the way to the highest peaks of delight.

    In addition to helping you familiarize yourself with your own anatomy, this course will show you how to maintain rhythmic breathing and a relaxed stomach, allowing for a highly pleasurable pulsating sensation and an orgasm. As its ultimate goal, it will help you develop the nerve endings responsible for your sensitivity and sensuality. In the end, you will become aroused more easily and more quickly, and you’ll experience a range of the most pleasant sensations during intercourse, intensifying the amplitude of your orgasms. (For, as you will learn in the course, there are weak orgasms with a small amplitude and strong orgasms with a huge amplitude — and you can control which kind you experience. It all depends on how well trained your nerve endings are.)

    You will get to know yourself better and help your partner please you.
    You are one step away.

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    What’s included with this course and how much does it cost?
    • Access to 4 Videos
    • 2 guided meditations
    • Supplemental PDF Downloads

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