A Pain Free Pelvis & The Art of Arousal

Unique course about women's health and pleasure

What benefits do you get with this course?
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Increase self-confidence and feminine power
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms
  • Improve your connection with your partner
  • Increase your libido and sexual response
  • Develop sensitivity of erogenous zones
  • Learn the art of self-exploration
  • Learn skills that bring greater pleasure to you & your partner
  • Decrease painful periods
  • Know what to do if Kegels don’t help
  • Speed up postpartum recovery
  • Heal pelvic organ prolapses
  • Stop constipation
  • Reverse vaginal dryness
  • Understand menopausal change
  • Prepare for non-traumatic vaginal birth
  • Stop incontinence

A Pain Free Pelvis & The Art of Arousal

Since 2017, Nadiya Williams, Intimate Fitness Instructor and founder of Feminine Revival, has offered The Art of Arousal as an in-person course, and it’s been recognized as one of New York City’s top sex education initiatives. Now, it’s available in an online version for all women anywhere.

Based on more than 250 unique practices developed and tested by Nadiya, the course has revolutionized femininity and sexuality for more than two thousand women.

The fifteen videos that comprise the course were created specifically to deliver knowledge about femininity, pleasure, and the peculiar properties of the female body. Every woman who is ready to discover true self, nourish the connection between her body and her mind, and awaken her libido can benefit from the advice, methods, and techniques taught in the course.

This is the mindful way to femininity without pitfalls. Get the knowledge no one ever shared with you before to allow your sensuality, sexuality, and self-acceptance to bloom.

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What’s included with this course and how much does it cost?
  • Access to 11 videos
  • 2 guided meditations
  • Supplemental PDF Downloads
  • Nadiya’s Favorite Spotify Playlists
  • Nadiya’s Lubricant & Device Recommendations
  • Weekly Q&A + Private Group Coaching with Nadiya
  • Bonus: 1 One-on-One Coaching Session with Nadiya

$99 one time payment

Dr. Lana Selitsky talks about the female anatomy and how the pelvic floor muscles work — and don’t work. You’ll also learn about the layers of the pelvic floor muscles and their importance to your intimate wellness.