Are you remembering to squeeze and lift daily? All you need is 15 minutes a day.

Go as far as your pleasure can take you. 

Intimate Fitness is a holistic, simple approach for empowering your sensual & sexual self to feel more pleasure and satisfaction than ever before.

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Learn more about your own anatomy, deepen your sexual knowledge, and increase your overall wellbeing. This personal training program will give you guided instruction tailored to your specific needs. Train in person or online.

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Awaken and retrain the nerve endings responsible for your sensitivity and sensual pleasure. We’ll teach you how.

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Discover our courses

Increase Sensitivity

Sexual pleasure and intimate health depend on the development of pelvic floor muscles. Properly developed pelvic floor muscles lead to greater sensitivity and intense orgasms. Learn how to strengthen these muscles.

Awaken Sensuality

The more sensual a woman feels, the more confidence she projects. The more confidence she projects, the more beautiful she appears. Tap into your feminine energy.

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Arouse Sexuality

Sexuality is everyone’s birthright. It's a life force energy. You are entitled to it, but unfortunately, for some of us, this beautiful experience and feeling of gratification has fallen asleep. Let’s learn how to awaken your feminine power.

How Our Program Works

Our courses increase your awareness of your pelvic floor. They show you how to take control of your inner feminine energy and project it outward.

Our goal? To help you become happier, healthier, and the boss of your own pleasure — for the rest of your life.

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In order to build muscles we need to give them resistance. We do this in our Intimate Fitness programs with the help of our patented, personal intravaginal device made from medical grade materials. The device has a small detachable air pump to adjust the size (for your comfort) and provide internal resistance for your muscles to work against. This will help you feel the contraction of each individual muscle and help strengthen your pelvic floor.

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Love yourself! Play with yourself! Explore your sensuality and arouse your deepest sexuality. Experience a renewed self with Feminine Revival!

Nadiya williams, founder of Feminine revival

Why Intimate Fitness?

Intimate Fitness provides a training program for building the pelvic floor muscles. Every woman has her own reasons for doing the program. If your reasons include lack of sensitivity, no orgasms, low libido, difficulty with arousal, dryness, incontinence, lack of knowledge, menopause experience difficulty talking about your desires, or childbirth-related issues, you’ve come to the right place. Come to learn with Feminine Revival today.

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The Intimate Fitness program was developed to help women at all stages of life.

Young Women

We help young women develop self-confidence, awaken their sensitivity, decrease period-related pain, and gain sexual knowledge.

Prenatal and Postpartum Women

We help prenatal women to avoid traumatic childbirth, and postpartum women repair birth-related damage to their pelvic floor.

Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

We help premenopausal women prepare for the change their bodies are going to experience, and for postmenopausal women to rejuvenate vaginal tissue.

Understanding The Science

Tried Kegels but they didn't work? Well, this isn't just Kegels: it's personal training
for your most personal muscles. This breakthrough method has been around for over 25 years, helping thousands of women gain voluntary control of their pelvic floor muscles to improve their health and pleasure. It's the missing link in women’s sexual pleasure and intimate health. Learn more from Dr. Lana Selitsky.



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