Go as far as your pleasure can take you.

Transform your intimate health and sexual life with Nadiya Williams. Discover my unique approach for empowering your sensual & sexual self to feel more pleasure and satisfaction than ever before.

  • Are you happy with your intimate life?

    Not every woman is satisfied with her sexual life. This could come from strict upbringing, religious values, medications, stressful situations, or even a lack of sexual education which can create misconceptions about your own desires in intimate relations with yourself and others.

  • Lacking confidence in your sexuality?

    Every human has their own way to describe how they understand and exhibit their sexuality. There is no right or wrong. It’s about what’s right for you. All I can say for now is — don’t be scared to explore the new corners of desired pleasure.

  • Looking to improve your sexual health?

    Our female intimate health needs to be balanced to live fulfilling lives. Many of patients search for help with genito-pelvic pain which can lead to sexual disfunction's such as Incontinence, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, Anorgasmia, Hypolibidemia, Alibidemia, Aversion, etc.

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Learn more about benefits of Feminine Revival programs

The pleasure of wellbeing the wellbeing of pleasure.

Increase Sensitivity

Sexual pleasure and intimate health depend on the development of pelvic floor muscles. Properly developed pelvic floor muscles lead to greater sensitivity and intense orgasms. Learn how to strengthen these muscles.

Awaken Sensuality

The more sensual a woman feels the more confidence she projects. The more confidence she projects, the more beautiful she appears. Tap into your feminine energy.

Arouse Sexuality

Sexuality is everyone’s birthright — you are entitled to it. Unfortunately, for some of us, this beautiful experience and feeling of gratification has fallen asleep. Understand how to awaken it.

“Love yourself! Enjoy the simple things! Explore your sensuality and awaken your deepest sexuality. Experience a renewed self with Feminine Revival!”

— Nadiya Williams, Founder of Feminine Revival

A new way to treat your feminine self.

Complice Care Line

Discover new products for intimate health and beauty – a perfect addition to your everyday intimate self-care routine. Developed exclusively for Feminine Revival.

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98% of women and their partners admit that results after taking one of the Feminine Revival programs exceeding their expectations.

  • "Nadiya, thank you! We had a good sex life but now it is great! My wife is like a new person. I need to find sex fitness classes for men so that I can return the favor! A happy wife, a happy husband and a happy life!"

    Michael, Age 42
    New York City

  • “Please just do it. You’re going to find a connection with yourself that you haven’t felt for a long time.”

    Zhanna, Age 29


  • "My girlfriend took classes with Feminine Revival. I started to notice things change during sex after a month. Our sex life was definitely great before, but now it is even better. I love seeing her more confident in the bedroom and more confident in life."

    Perris, Age 25

    New York City

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Learn more about benefits of Feminine Revival programs

A unique program where you participate online, at home, in person or in a group setting with like-minded women

  • Learn your female anatomy

    Understanding the overall anatomy of feminine parts is very important not only to understand how your muscles and nerves work and help them work better, but also for accepting your feminine self on a deep emotional and physical level.

  • Develop mind-body connection

    Learning how your body reacts and responds to different stimulation will help you workout your muscles in the right way, get more self pleasure and guide your partner during your intimate journey.

  • Explore your emotions and desires

    Leaving the dogmas, fears, shames, traumas, unpleasant experiences behind you will help to find your way to the beautiful world of pleasure and sensations. Learning how to communicate your desires is the key to successful intimate relationships.

How does women’s confidence affect her wellbeing?

Why Intimate Fitness?

Intimate Fitness is a training program for enhancing and toning the pelvic floor muscles. If you experience low sensitivity or libido, difficulty to achieve orgasms and arousal, vaginal atrophy or dryness, incontinence, painful period, you've come to the right place. Intimate Fitness is also perfect for prenatal or postpartum individuals or anyone experiencing pre or post menopause symptoms. Try this life changing program now!

Do you want to get a personal training or consultation?

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Women

    We help prenatal women prepare themselves for childbirth and postpartum women repair birth-related damage to their pelvic floor.

  • Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

    We help premenopausal women understand the changes their bodies are experiencing and postmenopausal women rejuvenate vaginal tissue.

  • Young Women

    We help young women develop self-confidence, awaken their sensitivity, decrease period-related pain, and gain sexual knowledge.

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